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Outrageous, hilarious, and entertaining

The “Best of Bubba Army Radio” show is a compilation of the most outrageous, hilarious, and entertaining moments from Bubba Army Radio. Veteran radio host Bubba the Love Sponge and his team of co-hosts deliver a mix of witty banter, outrageous stunts, and candid conversations on a range of topics, from politics and current events to pop culture and relationships. From classic segments like “Ask Stone Cold Steve Austin” and “Mailbag Monday” to in-studio interviews with celebrities and athletes, the Best of Bubba Army Radio offers hours of non-stop entertainment for die-hard fans and new listeners alike. Tune in and join the fun!

In The Studio


Bubba The Love Sponge Clem



My name is Bubba the Love Sponge Clem® I'm the host of The Bubba Army Show. I am a Taurus the Bull sign, which signifies strength and tenacity. Don’t Google me.

Lummy aka The Goat Whisperer



Hey it’s Lummy! I am a Co-Host and the show historian. I also am the “Goat Whisper”, taking care of the show goats (Baby and Hootie) My sign is a Cancer. When I’m not at the studio I’m enjoying time at home with my wife and son.




I started at the Bubba Radio Network in June of 2020 after I made an ill-timed tweet which caused me to be fired from my previous employer. It was the best dumb decision I ever made.

Andy aka Macho



Macho here. Operations Manager of BRN and Chief Engineer for the Army. When I am not Wiring Stuff up at the BRN, you can find me Super-Setting in the GYM.

Rhett aka Scouts Dad

AV Guy


Rhett Matthew, a true radio enthusiast hailing from the vibrant city of Tampa, FL, is more than just an accomplished professional in the world of audio and video engineering. He's also a devoted dachshund enthusiast, often found in the pursuit of his loyal companion, Scout.

Jay Diaco

Regular Guest


What’s up Army? It’s the Spitting Cobra, Jay Diaco, Esq. When I’m not surfing in Costa Rica, I’m here to speak my mind, defend Bubba and the Bubba Army, and to smooth over whatever Shenanigans Dr. Dan, Esq. said while shot out of a cannon! 

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