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A few answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions here @ HQ. If you dont find your answer here, hit us up on LiveChat. Or use the site contact form. We will generally get back to you in a few hours – never more than 24 hours later. 

Bubba & The Crew @ HQ

Go to My Account, here to make all account changes, including password resets. Or you can go directly here, Change Password.

Short answer, security.

The longer one is HQ is much more than just a redesign – rather an entire reimagining and rebuilding of an entirely new site, from the ground up. It is built on a much more stable and secure platform. This is to protect you and us and the website itself, and the content here @ HQ.

As such, persistent logins are not allowed.

It’s also worth noting here, that @ HQ user accounts are restricted to 2 logins per account. Meaning you can only be logged into 2 devices at any one time, using a single user account @ HQ. So this could be going on for you as well.

Easy. Just visit My Account to make any changes to your account, including you subscription. Or go directly here to compare and change your subscription level or billing term.

We do not store credit card information on this site. Our payment processor Stripe does that.

If you need to update your credit card and/or billing information, visit My Account

Then, click “change” or “cancel” underneath your membership level name (e.g. “Lieutenant Annual”).

Yes. Its in the works. Sign up for News From HQ to stay up to date on this and other things that are upcoming from HQ.

Between now and then, you can also add a shortcut to HQ to the home screen of your devices. Detailed instructions here.

Great question. Its easy to do; but a little tedious – and how depends on your device. So, easy to explain all that on and in a page just for this. Go here.

If this is happening to you, chances are pretty great that you have an Apple ioS device + Safari as your default browers.  Not sure what they were thinking (security? extend battery life?) but Apple recently disabled and removed a users ability to enable “background refresh” with Safari. Background refresh = while your device is locked ?? will continue to work, in the background. So theres all that.

A relatively simple work around is to install and make Chrome your default browers. By default Chrome, even on ioS devices has background refresh enabled.  

Details on how to make Chrome your default browser on ioS here

The BTLS Show + Hot Mic is available only on Bubba Army Radio and here @ HQ. To access, simply enlist!

October 2023 and forward, Hot Mic is no longer included in audio archives of The BTLS Show.

Yep. Ads. It’s one of the few ways that we can keep to cost of subscriptions down. They are always short and sweet. Almost always :15

@HQ download access to the Bubba Army Audio Archives is limited to Lieutenants.

Lieutenants do now see 2 download options. And we have them both because some members ot the Army prefer going about downloading one way and others the other.

More than anything, I think which one prefers relates to what kind of device one has – in particular mobile.

Our observation so far is that Android users prefer Option One. Apple users Option Two. Again this on or with mobile, only.

I think for most if not all desktop users one is going to work as well as the other.

Ya. Streaming. Listen any time you have internet access, on demand. No need to clutter up that device with all those downloads. 

Bubba Army Audio Archive On Demand access is available to Sergeant + Lieutenant level enlisted.

Yep. Coming in 2024. Sign up for News From HQ to stay up to date on this and other things that are upcoming from HQ.

Yes sir. Yet another of the many exciting things we have planned for you here @ HQ in 2024. Sign up for News From HQ to stay up to date on this and other things that are upcoming from HQ.

Stay tuned 🙂 Sign up for News From HQ to stay up to date on this and other things that are upcoming from HQ.

Yep. Coming in 2024.

Yep. 2024 is going to be lit! Sign up for News From HQ to stay up to date on this and other things that are upcoming from HQ.

LiveChat is available on all pages of the site, always. The Crew will pretty much immediately answer questions or provide help every weekday, from 6am to 3pm eastern. After hours or when we are away on leave, you can still leave a message + your email. We will do our very best to get back to you the same day.

Ok. Just go here and use our Contact form to get the help you need. Be sure to take the time to select the most appropriate category for the help that you needs. This helps us help you by routing your request to the member of the Crew you can help you the quickest.


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