Bubba the Love Sponge Clem®

My name is Bubba the Love Sponge Clem® and I am the host of The Bubba Army Show. I was born in the small town of Warsaw Indiana, I was a wrestler and played football in high school, after graduation I attended Indiana State University for a short time. 

I got my start in Radio in Terre Haute Indiana by a DJ named Scary Kerry Gray. My career took me on to work in radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan, San Antonio, Texas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Orlando, Chicago again, MIlwaukee, Wisconsin before finally settling down and making roots in Tampa, Florida in 1992 at 93.3 the Power Pig. With the guidance of Randy Michaels, Marc Chase, BJ Harris and Brad Hardin I went on to work at several different stations in Tampa and became syndicated in several markets across the United States and Canada.

I was honored in receiving four Billboard Personality of the Year Awards over my career. My shock Jock personality on the air not only landed me awards, but also landed me in some hot water over the years. I faced criminal charges for Animal Cruelty and was acquitted of all charges (later becoming an honorary lifetime member of PETA). I also faced the largest FCC fine in 2004 and had to take a small hiatus from radio.

Upon my return I hosted my show on Sirius Satellite Radio, on Howard 101 and also returned to the Tampa market and was syndicated nationally again. I started up RadioIO, Bubba Army Radio in 2010 with my agent Thomas Bean, while maintaining a terrestrial presence.

As society went digital, so did I. I can now be seen and heard not only terrestrially locally and nationally, you can find me on Tune In, You Tube, TwitchRumbleFacebookTwitter and right here on Bubba Army HQ. I want to thank my listeners, the BUBBA ARMY who has stood by my side during the good and the bad. Their support has kept my show funded and on the air, Thank you Bubba Army!

Favorite Things

Racing: I own Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida and my son Tyler Clem is a race car driver. I enjoy watching Tyler race and I am proud of his skills. Tyler if you are reading this, I love you son!

Football: I am a Green Bay Packers Fan, I also love watching my highschool team and coaching kids locally in Tampa with Dr. Dan Diaco. 

The gym: I enjoy getting up at 2am and going to the gym to work out before I start my morning show at 6am.

I also enjoy e-biking, spending time with family and my friends.

Pet Peeves

  • Being late or not on time.
  • Slow Drivers in the fast lane.
  • People who interrupt me.
  • People who don’t listen when I tell them good advice.
  • How some people in society have a preconceived notion of the type of person I really am.
  • I used to have a lot more pet peeves but have become humble over the years and less things really get to me.

Celebrity Crush

Brett Farve

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