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Hi there. I’m Anna. Ah-na! And I started at the Bubba Radio Network in June of 2020 after I made an ill-timed tweet which caused me to be fired from my previous employer. It was the best dumb decision I ever made.

After discovering I wasn’t suited for the world of academia, I became involved in my graduate school’s radio station as a hobby. I soon got bit by the talk radio bug and proceeded to finagle my way into an internship at a local radio station in Detroit, MI. I started a podcast with local radio legend, Trudi Daniels called “The Sex I’m Not Having” which preceded my decision to drop out of graduate school. After a few years of putting up banners and breaking down tents as part of the promotions team, I found an ad for an on-air position at 102.5 The Bone in St. Petersburg, FL.

After several unanswered emails, I began harassing the program director and several staff members. After 10 months of badgering, I was finally offered a position on the promotions team (not the goal, but a foot in the door). After realizing I was unfit to interact with the public, I was transferred to an on-air position. I spent 4 years with Cox Media Group Tampa before an ill-timed tweet left me unemployed in June of 2020.

A week after I was fired, Bubba adopted me like a lost dog and offered me a position on his show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but nothing could have prepared me for the circus that is The Bubba the Love Sponge Show; and by extension, the rabid fans of the show known affectionately as “The Bubba Army.” I have had such a tremendous time working with Bubba the Love Sponge, a radio icon who is truly unlike any talent or personality I have ever met before.

I hope for many more fruitful years of doing radio alongside “BOOOOOBAAAAA”  and I would like to thank Bubba, my fellow co-hosts, and the 4 fans that tolerate me.

Favorite Things

Working out, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, watching people eat, talking endlessly about intermittent fasting, all things health/ nutrition/fitness, history, biology, psychology, and most importantly…BRUNCH!!!!!!!

Pet Peeves

  • Close-minded assholes who are incapable of civil discourse

Celebrity Crush

Sam Harris and Joe Rogan

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