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Bubba Uncensored

9-5-2012 | Bubba Uncensored

This is the Uncensored show from Wednesday 9-5-12. Recap by Blind Lawrence: Bubba still isn’t into “Breaking Bad”; he likes “Dexter” better. Emails: Early enlister understands why the show has to change, Dan thinks Bubba was on fire yesterday, Canadian listener found the show, listener talks about cheating in school, listener ordered chicken dip in the UK, and a listener’s wife has cancer, Bubba remembers meeting the man. Bubba thinks […]

today09/05/2012 8

Dr. Joe Saturley

8-16-2012 | The BTLS Morning Show

This is the terrestrial show for Thursday 8-15-12. Recap by Blind Lawrence: Facebook friend of the day is Yosef Michel of Brooklyn, New York. Bubba wonders why the Rays always lose when a team has a perfect game. Emails: Guy is impressed with Greeny from im’s Harley Davidson, listener almost peed himself listening to the Ned call about cops using a helicopter making a donut run (“The Fat and The […]

today08/16/2012 17

Dr. Joe Saturley

7-19-2012 | The BTLS Morning Show

This is the terrestrial show for Thursday 7-19-12. Recap by Blind Lawrence: Bubba thanks Brent for waking him up. Ryan Allen of LaGrange, Georgia is the Facebook friend of the day. The Woodsman live from Rent and Roll. Twenty-five can’t make it to Swing Fest in Miami today. Ned feels he was iced yesterday.Hogan on the phone from the hospital; he talked about his early days in the wrestling business. […]

today07/19/2012 20

Dr. Joe Saturley

11-21-2011 | Doc Joe Saturley

On The Show... - Joe Starts out the show talking about addiction. - Half of all people come from a home where someone is an alcoholic. - Can people tell if your a serial killer from handwriting? - Is addiction a genetic problem or is it learned from your parents. - Caller asks for advice with nephews learning behavior. - Can hypnosis can help with OCD? - Caller needs advice […]

today11/21/2011 9

Dr. Joe Saturley

11-7-2011 | Dr. Joe Saturley

On The Show... - Dr. Saturley and his wife take the air, talking about dysfunctional families during the holidays. - Doctor Saturley talks about the Michael Jackson wrongful death case. - Doc Saturley talks about being unfaithful to his wife and answers questions from The Bubba Army. - Why are the holidays so stressful for families during the holidays? - Doc Sat talks to his brother Tom from Maine. - […]

today11/08/2011 8

Dr. Joe Saturley

10-31-2011 | Dr. Joe Saturley

On The Show... - Guy calls in to talk to Doc Sat about how to handle his ex wife with the custody of his kid. - Doc Sat talks about ghosts and spiritual beings; a women calls in to talk about her husband talking to his dead father. - Guy with anxiety is worried that he is addicted to his medication. Doc Saturley then finds out that he has a […]

today10/31/2011 7

Dr. Joe Saturley

10-17-2011 | Psych Ward with Dr. Saturley

On The Show... - Dr. Joe talks with his wife about their relationship and the recent changes. - Doc Sat asks; Is it better to give or receive oral? Why? - Should your partner give you direction with oral sex? - Doc Sat pays homage to breasts as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. - Caller points out the one thing men should know about giving oral sex. - Who […]

today10/17/2011 9

Dr. Joe Saturley

8-1-2011 | Dr. Joe Saturley

On The Show... - Dr. and Mama Saturley say F*ck you to the people who hated their "old" show - Ever had a condom super glued to your penis? - Dr. Sat goes to a fetish convention with a microphone and open mind - How do you introduce your partner to Fetishes? - 10 weird sexual fetishes - What can fetishes do to your relationship? - Dr. Sat talks about […]

today08/02/2011 8

Dr. Joe Saturley

7-1-2011 | Tuddle On The Radio

On The Show... - Tuddle has an App of the week - How do you get people not to F*ck with you? - Tuddle's 1st fight - Augies's kid calls Tuddle out - What does it take for Tuddle to get laid - Does Tuddle have an impersonator at the Casey Anthony Trial? - Tuddle gives play-by-play for the end of the Nationwide Race. - Dr. Saturley on the phone; […]

today07/02/2011 7

Dr. Joe Saturley

7-1-2011 | Dr. Joe Saturley

On The Show... - Tonight's Topic; Stress - What are types of good and bad stress? - Countdown of The Top Five Most Stressful Events in life? - Dr. Saturley and Maggie go over Flag rules and etiquette then explain what the Federal Flag Code is. - Spice stops by and talks marital finances; Solo or shared bank accounts? - Augie calls in to ask about the long-term damages of […]

today07/02/2011 10

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