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The BTLS Show

05-31-2018 | The BTLS Morning Show

SEG1 No pop on the previously. Bubba got his AC fixed. Bubba talks about his upcoming federal trial. SEG2 Bubba calls Pool Guys to take care of his algae. Bubba talks Willie Jones in-studio today. SEG3 Light Stream. Packages. SEG4 For Hims. Bubba talks the iHeartRadio Rising Star contest. Joe the Supermark calls in, has most of his charges dropped. Crazy High Shannon on the phone. SEG5 CBDh20. Crazy High […]

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The BTLS Show

05-30-2018 | The BTLS Morning Show

SEG1 25 Cent isn't here today. 25 Gate. Bubba calls 25 to find out where he is. 25 says he overslept today, will bring in chicken buiscuits to make up for it. SEG2 Bubba talks 25 Cent being out. One Pop on the previously, no one is watching the show. Bubba talks fire ants vs piss ants. SEG3 Bubba calls and wakes up 25 Cent to tell him to sleep […]

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The BTLS Show

05-29-2018 | The BTLS Morning Show

SEG1 Lasker shows up unannounced. Bubba isn't live on Twitch today. SEG2 Bubba had his hairy back taken care of. Bubba cries alot this weekend. Bubba is going thru Clemopause. Bubba says Rob was being a bitch working for free at MegaCon. Lasker asks if Rob shaved Bubba's hairy back. SEG3 25 keeps asking Bubba about his hairy back situation. Bubba talks listening to the Brent audio from Friday. Bubba […]

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